Wuxi Mutak Technology Co., LTD

Wuxi Mutak Technology Co., Ltd. is located in XINGLIROAD, Yixing Town, Yixing City. We specialize in the production and services of EVA, PE, SBR, CR, EPDM, PU, PVC foaming equipment, die cutting machine, heat laminating machine, and automatic punch. Wuxi Mude Technology Co., Ltd. provides attentive services to our customers and has received consistent praise within the die cutting industry.

our certificate
  • Bongding Machine MD-320L

    Bongding Machine MD-320L

  • Automatic Slicing Machine MD-322

    Automatic Slicing Machine MD-322

  • YOGA CompoundMachineMD-358

    YOGA CompoundMachineMD-358

  • EVA WaterCooling MachineMD-96

    EVA WaterCooling MachineMD-96

  • Slope Splitting Machine MD-702

    Slope Splitting Machine MD-702

  • Splitting Machine MD-601

    Splitting Machine MD-601

  • Foam VacuumSplittingMD-690B

    Foam VacuumSplittingMD-690B

  • Foam Vacuum Splitting MD-690T

    Foam Vacuum Splitting MD-690T

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